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優れた下級の指輪 市価 重量
コミュニケ・リングズ 6,000gp
優れた下級の指輪 市価 重量
リングズ・オヴ・バンディッジ 18,200gp
スウォームウォーカーズ・リング 26,000gp
劣った上級の指輪 市価 重量
リングズ・オヴ・グレーター・バンディッジ 42,000gp
優れた上級の指輪 市価 重量
リング・オヴ・ザ・シャドウ・ヴクティム 101,000gp


Communique Rings/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 241ページ
オーラ 中程度・変成術 術者レベル 6
装備部位 指輪; 市価 6,000gp; 重量

 Created in pairs, these simple golden rings allow for short-range communication between the wearers. The listed and cost are for both rings. As long as the wearers are within 1 mile of one another, they can communicate by whispering, causing the other ring to whisper the words to the recipient. Words spoken into or recited by a communique ring can be heard by nearby creatures if the wearer speaks too loudly. A communique ring transmits sound only while worn, and a wearer can remove the ring if she needs to be silent. Only magical silence or distance will block this communication, and wearers can speak through walls and other obstructions normally. The rings pick up only sound directly spoken into them by the wearer with the intent to transmit, not ambient sounds or the voices of other creatures.
必要条件 《魔法の指輪作成》、メッセージコスト 3,000gp


Swarmwalker's Ring/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 242ページ
オーラ 中程度・召喚術 術者レベル 7
装備部位 指輪; 市価 26,000gp; 重量

 This shining, ash-white ring of bone is crafted to look like countless interlocking rat fangs, set with a dozen dark, garnet eyes like those of albino sewer-hunters. The wearer of this ring can utter a command word to call forth 1d3 rat swarms within 40 feet. These swarms each act immediately and vanish after 7 rounds. They are independent and not under the wearer's control, though the wearer is immune to the effects and attacks of any swarm created through use of this ring.

 Alternatively, upon command, the ring's wearer can use dimension door. This magical transportation must begin and end in a square that includes a swarm summoned by use of this ring.

 This ring's abilities can be used a total of three times per day, in any combination. An urban druid (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 101) wearing this ring can gain one additional use per day by expending three daily uses of her wild shape ability.
必要条件 《魔法の指輪作成》、ディメンジョン・ドアサモン・スウォームコスト 13,000gp


Ring of the Shadow Victim/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 241ページ
オーラ 中程度・幻術 術者レベル 7
装備部位 指輪; 市価 101,000gp; 重量

 This smooth, lusterless gray ring is crafted of dark glass and has the image of a body carved into its band. Once per day, the wearer of this ring can perform a complex mental and verbal ritual, repeatedly whispering the ring's command word, while touching any humanoid corpse that has been dead for less than 1 week. The creature must have had 7 Hit Dice or fewer in life. This ritual can be as short as 1 round or could last up to 24 hours. It requires both total focus and constant contact between the ring, the wearer, and the target corpse. Interruption of any kind spoils the ritual, requiring the wearer to begin anew. The wearer of the ring chooses how long this ritual will last, but that decision must be made before she begins the ritual.

 On the ritual's completion, an illusory duplicate of the creature touched―partially real and formed of animate ice cloaked in magical shadow―springs into existence. This functions as lesser simulacrumin all ways unless stated otherwise. The wearer of this ring gains a +10 bonus on the Disguise check when performing this ritual. The shadow creature appears in all ways to be hearty and full of life, equipped with all of the gear and clothing that was carried or worn by the corpse throughout the ritual. At the same moment the shadow creature is completed, the targeted corpse and all of its attendant equipment vanishes, melting away like snow.

 The false creature brought into existence by the ring of the shadow victim has the same base ability scores, type, and subtype as the targeted corpse. It appears in all ways to be the same individual as the corpse touched, and it retains the general personality, attitude, abilities, and intellect of that creature. However, this duplicate doesn't possess any memories that the wearer of the ring doesn't also possess, has no spell-like or supernatural abilities, can't use activated extraordinary abilities, can't gain the benefits of healing, can't gain levels or increase its abilities, and can't have more than 3 Hit Dice.

 This false creature behaves much like the target did in life, except it has a starting attitude of helpful toward the ring's wearer and is generally willing to assist the wearer in any endeavor. The shadow creature will take nearly any action to aid the wearer of the ring, including dangerous, foolish or suicidal actions. This semi-illusory creature remains in existence for a duration equal to 7 × the length of the initial ritual that created it, until the wearer removes the ring of the shadow victim, until the wearer activates the ring again, or until the creature is destroyed by violence, whichever comes first. At that time, the duplicate vanishes and the original corpse, unchanged from when the initial ritual was completed, appears in its place.
必要条件 《魔法の指輪作成》、オルター・セルフジェントル・リポウズレッサー・シミュレイクラムUMコスト 50,500gp


Rings of Bondage, Greater/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 242ページ
オーラ 中程度・心術 術者レベル 11
装備部位 指輪; 市価 42,000gp; 重量

 These specialized rings function as rings of bondage, but a command imposed by the wearer of the master ring (including a mutual agreement affecting both wearers) takes 10 minutes to activate, is permanent, and functions as geas/quest, except a DC 16 Will save still negates it.

 In addition, the wearer of the master ring gains a continuous sanctuary(DC 16) effect against the wearer of the servant ring, with a save required for every attack the servant makes against the master (including area attacks, but no save is required when directing allies or controlled creatures to attack the wearer); a failed save prevents only that single attack. Each time the servant successfully attacks the master, he must succeed at a second DC 16 Will save or be affected as bestow curse.
必要条件 《魔法の指輪作成》、ビストウ・カースディテクト・ソウツギアス/クエストサンクチュアリシェア・ランゲージAPGステイタスコスト 21,000gp


Rings of Bondage/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 242ページ
オーラ 中程度・心術 術者レベル 7
装備部位 指輪; 市価 18,200gp; 重量

 These rings are forged in pairs, establishing a mental connection between the two creatures wearing them, designating one as the master and the other as the servant. The listed and cost are for both rings. Creatures wearing rings of bondage can understand one another's speech. The wearer of the master ring gains a +6 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks against the servant and is continuously aware of the location and general condition of the wearer of the servant ring, as the status spell.

 In addition, once per day, the wearer of the master ring of bondage can impose her will upon the wearer of the servant ring, compelling the servant to perform or refrain from an action as if subjected to a lesser geas (Will DC 16 negates). Alternatively, this effect can be executed as a contract between the wearers: as long as the wearer of the master ring is a valid target for lesser geas, she can accept a lesser geasdictated by the wearer of the servant ring. In such an event, neither wearer is entitled to a saving throw and both are compelled by the lesser geasto fulfill the terms of the agreement. If the wearer of the servant ring is unwilling to agree to such a contract, she can always select a lesser geassuch as “remove the lesser geas from me.”

 As long as a lesser geasimposed by a ring of bondage remains in effect, neither ring can be removed. If either ring is destroyed, the effects of the lesser geasremain in place, but the surviving ring can't create a new lesser geasuntil the missing ring is repaired or replaced. If a mutual lesser geasis accepted and one lesser geasis ended, both lesser geaseffects end simultaneously.

 A target can have a ring of bondage forcibly placed on its finger, but only if that creature is helpless.
必要条件 《魔法の指輪作成》、ディテクト・ソウツレッサー・ギアスサンクチュアリシェア・ランゲージAPGステイタスコスト 9,100gp