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武器の特殊能力 Weapon Special Abilities

スリチャリング +1ボーナス
アンシーン +2ボーナス
サイレンシング +2ボーナス
トゥルースフル +2ボーナス
ピースフル +2ボーナス
リベレイティング +2ボーナス
アンブラル +3ボーナス


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 239ページ
オーラ 中程度・幻術 術者レベル 7
装備部位 なし; 市価 +2ボーナス; 重量

 This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon. Upon command, an unseen weapon can be made invisible, including any scabbard, sheath, or similar accessory used to hold the weapon. A careful search will still reveal its presence, but purely visual examination will not. While invisible, an unseenweapon causes its wielder to take a -1 penalty on attack rolls unless she has the Blind-Fight feat or is able to see invisible objects. On the first attack made with an unseen weapon during a combat, the defender is denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class unless it has the Blind-Fight feat, is able to see invisible objects, or is specifically aware that the wielder is using an unseenweapon. An unseenweapon is considered to have total concealment for attacks or effects directed at it, such as combat maneuver checks made to disarm, stealAPG, or sunder it and disintegrateor rusting grasp.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、グレーター・インヴィジビリティコスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 239ページ
オーラ 中程度・力術 術者レベル 9
装備部位 なし; 市価 +3ボーナス; 重量

 This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon with a hilt or handle. An umbral weapon does not reflect any sources of ambient light and is perpetually cloaked in shadow. It is considered to have concealment for the purposes of attacks or effects directed at the weapon, such as combat maneuver checks made to disarm, stealAPG or sunder it and disintegrate or rusting grasp. The wielder gains darkvision 30 feet while grasping the hilt or handle of the weapon, even if the weapon is not drawn.

 Upon command, an umbral weapon radiates darkness in a 20-foot radius, causing illumination in the area to drop by one step (from bright light to normal light, normal light to dim light, or dim light to darkness). Due to the darkvision granted by the weapon, the wielder's vision is not impaired by darkness created by an umbral weapon. The darkness shed by an umbral weapon is considered a 2nd-level spell effect for the purpose of comparing its effect to the effects of magical light sources. This darkness suppresses light spells, but can't be used to counter or dispel them. The weapon must be drawn and in the wielder's hand to radiate darkness. The darkness ends immediately if the weapon is dropped, disarmed, sheathed, or otherwise stowed.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、ダークネスダークヴィジョンコスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 238ページ
オーラ 中程度・幻術 術者レベル 8
装備部位 なし; 市価 +2ボーナス; 重量

 A silencingweapon makes no noise when drawn or when used to attack. In addition, after hitting a creature, the wielder can surround that creature with an aura that muffles all sounds coming from it until the beginning of the wielder's next turn. The target can still hear and speak (including uttering command words or casting spells with verbal components), but is much harder to hear. The DC of Perception checks to hear the sound of battle increases from -10 to 10, as long as the only combatants are the wielder of the silencingweapon and targets affected by the weapon's muffling ability.

 If the wielder confirms a critical hit with a silencing weapon, the target is also encased in a mobile aura of magical silence (Will DC 13 negates), which lasts a number of rounds equal to the critical multiplier of the weapon. The save DC increases by 2 for each critical multiplier of the weapon higher than ×2. This silence fills the target's space but doesn't extend beyond it.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、サイレンスコスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 238ページ
オーラ 中程度・変成術 術者レベル 11
装備部位 なし; 市価 +1ボーナス; 重量

 This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon. A slitheringweapon can bend and flex when swung at a target, allowing it to fit through narrow gaps and around difficult angles with greater ease and making the weapon difficult to strike. When a slitheringweapon is used to attack a creature with cover, the target's cover bonus to Armor Class is halved. In addition, the wielder adds the weapon's enhancement bonus to her CMD against attempts to disarm or sunder her slithering weapon. If the wielder is squeezing in a narrow space, she takes only half the normal penalty on attack rolls with her slitheringweapon.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、フルーイド・フォームAPGコスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 239ページ
オーラ 中程度・防御術 術者レベル 11
装備部位 なし; 市価 +2ボーナス; 重量

 This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon. A truthfulweapon unerringly pierces concealment provided by illusions, allowing the wielder to ignore the miss chance provided by illusions such as blur, displacement, and invisibility. Attacks with a truthfulweapon against a creature affected by mirror imageor a similar figment always attack the real target. This ability allows the wielder to ignore the miss chance, not to otherwise detect the target. When attacking an invisible creature, for instance, the wielder might still need to guess the target's location.

 In addition to its other abilities, a truthfulweapon functions as a special kind of dispellingUE weapon against figments and shadow conjuration effects; if the wielder makes an attack against such an effect, the weapon automatically attempts to use the stored dispel magic against the illusion. If the attempt fails, the wielder is not aware of the attempt, and unless she disbelieves the illusion or the illusion's duration ends, the weapon continues to impart that it is storing dispel magic (though she is free to cast dispel magicon the weapon again if she has another reason to believe the effect was expended and failed to dispel an illusion).
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、グレーター・ディスペル・マジックトゥルー・ストライクコスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 238ページ
オーラ 中程度・心術 術者レベル 8
装備部位 なし; 市価 +2ボーナス; 重量

 A creature that has taken nonlethal damage from a peaceful weapon becomes shaken for 1 round each time it deals lethal damage to another living creature. The duration stacks with multiple attacks, but this effect can't cause the affected creature to become frightened (even if it is affected by other fear effects). If the affected creature's nonlethal damage is completely healed, this prevents subsequent attacks from extending the duration of the shaken condition, but doesn't end the shaken condition from attacks already made.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、カーム・エモーションズ、キュア・ライト・ウーンズ; コスト


出典 Ultimate Intrigue 238ページ , Weapon Master's Handbook pg. 30
オーラ 強力・防御術 術者レベル 12
装備部位 なし; 市価 +2ボーナス; 重量

 This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon. A liberatingweapon grants its wielder a competence bonus equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus on Sense Motive checks, and this bonus is doubled when attempting a Sense Motive check to sense enchantment (Core Rulebook 104). This increased bonus also applies on Spellcraft checks to identify an enchantment spell as it is being cast. When a liberating weapon is used to attack a creature under direct mental control, such as from possession, charm effects, or compulsion effects like command and dominate person, the weapon deals nonlethal damage and grants the target a new saving throw against the effect, with a morale bonus on the save equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus. If this save succeeds, the effect is suppressed for 10 minutes. If the target is affected by multiple such effects, the weapon's wielder chooses which effect the target can attempt a second save against. If the target fails this save, the effect is not suppressed and the target is immune to this effect of the same liberating weapon for 24 hours.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、ブレイク・エンチャントメントグレーター・ディスペル・マジックコスト

特定の魔法の武器 Specific Magic Weapons

劣った下級の特定の魔法の武器 市価 重量
ダート・オヴ・リカヴァリー 206gp
プライング・スター 646gp 1/10ポンド
劣った中級の特定の魔法の武器 市価 重量
サーペンツ・ファング 10,302gp 1ポンド
コーテザンズ・アイアー 10,305gp
ランチャー・オヴ・ディストラクション 10,550gp 2ポンド
優れた上級の特定の魔法の武器 市価 重量
マインズ・アイ・ブレード 36,302gp 1ポンド
サイレント・セントリー・クロスボウ 38,335gp 2ポンド


Courtesan's Ire/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 239ページ
オーラ 微弱・召喚術および幻術 術者レベル 5
装備部位 なし; 市価 10,305gp; 重量

 Elegant as it is deadly, this +1 fighting fanUE is under a minor glamer that causes it to resemble a nonlethal fan intended for courtly or social affairs, though the glamer lacks the full protections of the glameredweapon quality. Dozens of sharp barbs adorn the top of the fan, typically hidden by the glamer effect. Up to three times per day as a standard action, the wielder can cause these blades to shoot forth, dealing 3d4 points of piercing damage to all creatures in a 15- foot cone (Reflex DC 14 half).

 As with all fighting fans, the tips of the weapon can be poisoned. Applied injury poison affects all creatures that take damage from the fan's hail of blades, though the save DCs for such poison are reduced by 2 due to the low dosage.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、ディスガイズ・ウェポンACGシルヴァー・ダーツACGコスト 5,305gp


Serpent's Fang/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 240ページ
オーラ 中程度・召喚術 術者レベル 9
装備部位 なし; 市価 10,302gp; 重量 1ポンド

 The brass hilt of this curved +1 dagger resembles a snake coiled around a bone. When a new user unsheathes the dagger for the first time, the weapon lets out a long, ominous hiss.

 When the user places the tip of the dagger in a vial of injury poison, the dagger absorbs the dose of poison and stores it in an extradimensional space. The stored toxin retains its save DC, effects, and all other properties. The dagger can hold a maximum of 5 doses of poison.

 As a swift action, the user can whisper the name of one of the poisons stored in the dagger, releasing the poison from its extradimensional space onto the blade of the dagger. When poisoning the dagger in this manner, the wielder can't accidentally poison himself, though he still poisons himself if he rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、シークレット・チェストコスト 5,302gp


Silent Sentry Crossbow/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 241ページ
オーラ 中程度・召喚術 術者レベル 9
装備部位 なし; 市価 38,335gp; 重量 2ポンド

 Popular with assassins and vigilantes due to its ease of concealment and lack of need for ammunition, this durable +2 endless ammunitionUE light crossbow is crafted from wood blackened over an alchemically treated fire. When used in conjunction with the Stealth skill, the silent sentry crossbow reduces the penalty imposed by sniping by 5.

 Three times per day, the wielder can fire two invisible magical bolts that deal no damage. These bolts must each be fired at a solid surface, into which they embed themselves. As long as both bolts have an unobstructed line between them, no longer than 180 feet, they create an invisible 1-inch-wide line between themselves. The wearer is mentally alerted anytime a visible Tiny or larger creature passes through this line, and gains a vision of the creature's appearance. Creatures that can see invisible objects can see the line, and if they recognize it for what it is, they can duck under it or leap over it, thus avoiding detection. The bolts last for 6 hours before they dissipate.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、アラームマイナー・クリエイションサイレンスコスト 19,335gp


Dart of Recovery/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 240ページ
オーラ 微弱・召喚術 術者レベル 3
装備部位 なし; 市価 206gp ; 重量

 This +1 featherweight dartis designed to be fired from a small wrist launcher. As with a normal featherweight dart, it deals no damage; it instead administers 1 dose of an applied poison as long as the target doesn't have damage reduction, hardness, or the like. Once the dart has been launched, whether it hits or misses, the creature that fired it can use a swift action to recall the dart to a convenient location, such as the palm of a hand or a pocket, removing the dart from the scene of the attack. The magical recovery of the dart does not prevent it from being damaged, so as with other magical ammunition, it can't be reused.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、アポート・オブジェクトOAコスト 106gp


Prying Star/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 240ページ
オーラ 中程度・占術および幻術 術者レベル 9
装備部位 なし; 市価 646gp ; 重量 1/10ポンド

 Eight sharp points jut from the circumference of this eye-shaped +1 shuriken. Once thrown, as long as the target cannot see the user or detect her through other senses, the weapon is completely imperceptible to the target creature (except via true seeing). If a prying star strikes a target and would normally deal damage, it instead embeds itself in the target and functions as a magical sensor that can see 30 feet (normal vision only) in all directions. The sensor is invisible and has no discernible magical aura. If the attack misses or the damage is entirely negated by damage reduction, the target becomes aware of the attack as normal.

 When the character who threw the prying star closes her eyes, she can view what the sensor can see, provided the sensor remains on the same plane of existence. The sensor remains active for 9 minutes, after which the prying star vanishes without a trace.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、インヴィジビリティマジック・オーラサイレンスヴァイキャリアス・ビューコスト 326gp


Mind's Eye Blade/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 240ページ
オーラ 中程度・心術 術者レベル 10
装備部位 なし; 市価 36,302gp; 重量 1ポンド

 The hilt of this ornate +2dagger is engraved with a depiction of a human clutching the sides of her head. When a creature takes damage from the blade, its mind rejects the presence of the wielder. The blade's wielder gains concealment (20% miss chance) against the damaged creature's attacks for 1 round. Multiple hits don't further increase the concealment effect or its duration. This is a mind-affecting effect.

 Three times per day, when the wielder of a mind's eye blade performs a coup de grace or sneak attack against an opponent, the wielder immediately receives a piece of information from the target's mind. The target can attempt a DC 16 Will save to negate this effect. The target can then attempt a DC 21 Bluff check; if it fails, the wielder gains the information she desires. If the target succeeds at its check, the wielder gains no information. If the target succeeds by 5 or more, however, it can choose what answer to provide, and the wielder believes that answer to be true. Subsequent attempts to gain the same piece of information from the same creature yield the same result. If the wielder doesn't specify the piece of information she wishes to retrieve, the GM determines what information she learns.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、マインド・プローブOAコスト 18,302gp


Launcher of Distrarction/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 240ページ
オーラ 中程度・幻術 術者レベル 6
装備部位 なし; 市価 10,550gp; 重量 2ポンド

 Twice per day, as a swift action when the wielder of this +1 heavy wrist launcher makes an attack with the weapon, he can have the launcher make no sound, and can instead create a false sound of a crossbow being fired from another location within 40 feet of him. In addition, for 6 rounds, any auras upon the wielder that would normally be revealed by divination spells, such as detect spells, are redirected to the same location as the crossbow sound.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、ゴースト・サウンドミスディレクションコスト 5,550gp