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特定の魔法の鎧と盾 Specific Armor and Shields

優れた上級の特定の魔法の鎧 市価 重量
ディヴィナーズ・ブライト 31,160GP 15ポンド
劣った中級の特定の魔法の盾 市価 重量
ロックピック・シールド 7,159GP 6ポンド


Diviner's Blight/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 237ページ
オーラ 強力・幻術 術者レベル 13
装備部位 鎧;市価 31,160GP;重量 15ポンド

 その素晴らしい職人技は別にすると、この+4レザー・アーマーは他の鎧と区別できるところが殆どない。1週間に1回、生きているクリーチャーがディシナーズ・ブライト・アーマー一式を装着している間、その装着者は合言葉を唱えて1分間を精神集中に費やすことで、この鎧に着用者が慣れ親しんでいるクリーチャーの模倣をさせることができる。 The imitated creature must be within one size category of the wearer. Imitating a creature has no visible effect on the armor or the wearer, but instead confounds magical divinations.
 Spells such as scrying meant to observe the imitated creature instead observe the wearer, who appears to the scryer as the imitated creature;the imitated creature still attempts any necessary saving throw or applies its spell resistance, but if the spell succeeds, diviner's blight redirects any scrying sensor to its wearer. Magical means of detecting a creature's location always consider the location of the wearer as the actual location of the imitated creature, and only 8th-level or higher spells like discern locationor greater prying eyescan overcome this effect. Spells such as detect liesor zone of truthreact as though the wearer were the imitated target and not himself, but only for the purpose of stating his identity. Diviner's blightwould not, for instance, affect a question about the wearer's mother's name.
 The imitation remains in place until the wearer chooses a different creature to imitate or spends 1 minute in concentration to end it. The armor resumes its normal form when removed, but the target of its imitative effect remains set―when a character dons the armor (whether the character who dons the armor is the last wearer or a different person), the armor immediately begins imitating the creature it's set to imitate again.
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、ミスディレクションプロジェクト・イメージコスト 15,660GP


Lockpick Shield/)
出典 Ultimate Intrigue 237ページ
オーラ 中程度・変成術 術者レベル 11
装備部位 盾;市価 7,159GP;重量 6ポンド

 With a command word, the bearer of this +2 light steel shield can cause a series of lockpicks and tiny tools to extend from the front of the shield and begin picking a lock or disabling a detected trap. The shield attempts a Disable Device check with a +10 total skill bonus. The shield is treated as using thieves' tools, and can't gain any additional bonuses on the check from spells, the aid another action, or other abilities. The shield performs the work on the wearer's behalf, freeing her to take other actions. She must still remain in contact with the target of the Disable Device attempt for the normal number of rounds, but can move around the target, as long as she never breaks contact. The wearer is still the subject of any effects that result from the success or failure of the Disable Device check.
 While picking a lock or disabling a device with the shield, the wearer loses her shield bonus to Armor Class, though the bonus does apply against any result of the Disable Device check that targets Armor Class (such as an attack from a trap triggered by the shield failing its check by 5 or more).
必要条件 《魔法の武器防具作成》、アニメイト・オブジェクツコスト 3,659GP