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ステップ5:サイズ Graft Step 5: Size Graft

 If your monster isn't Medium, apply a size graft. Because there are many other ways to alter a creature's AC, hit points, attack bonuses, and damage, these grafts don't adjust those values like size changes do in the core rules. Most headers list a minimum CR or maximum CR, as described in the previous step. Use caution if your monster is outside the minimum or maximum CR range. Touch and flat-footed AC never increase above the monster's total AC, and never decrease below 1.

微小(脅威度2-) Fine

 Automatic Traits:接触ACおよび立ちすくみACが8上昇;CMBが16減少;CMBが8減少; gain 〈飛行〉 and 〈隠密〉 as additional master skills.

極小(脅威度4-) Diminutive

 Automatic Traits:接触ACおよび立ちすくみACが4上昇;CMBが8減少 ;CMBが4減少; gain 〈飛行〉 and 〈隠密〉 as additional master skills.

超小型(CR 6-) Tiny

 Automatic Traits:接触ACおよび立ちすくみACが2上昇;CMBが4減少 ;CMBが2減少; gain 〈飛行〉 as an additional good skill (or increase good to master) and 〈隠密〉 as an additional master skill.

小型 Small

 Automatic Traits:接触ACおよび立ちすくみACが1上昇;CMBが2減少 ;CMBが1減少; gain 〈隠密〉 as an additional good skill.

大型(脅威度2+) Large

 Automatic Traits:接触ACが1減少、立ちすくみACが1上昇;CMBが2上昇;CMDが1上昇.

超大型(脅威度4+) Huge

 Automatic Traits:接触ACが2減少、立ちすくみACが3上昇;CMBが4上昇;CMDが2上昇; can't have 〈隠密〉 as a master skill.

巨大(CR 6+) Gargantuan

 Automatic Traits:接触ACが4減少、立ちすくみACが5上昇;CMBが8上昇;CMDが4上昇; can't have 〈飛行〉 as a master skill, can't have 〈隠密〉 as a good or master skill.

超巨大(脅威度8+) Colossal

 Automatic Traits:接触ACが8減少、立ちすくみACが6上昇;CMBが16; increase CMD by 8; can't have 〈飛行〉 or 〈隠密〉 as good or master skills.