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ステップ4:テンプレート Graft Step 4: Template Graft

 These optional grafts replicate popular monster templates, and are applied on top of the creature type or class graft chosen for the monster. Template graft entries follow a format similar to creature type grafts.
 Minimum or Maximum CR:This entry indicates what the lowest or highest possible CR for the monster can be. A header that says "CR 2+" indicates the monster's CR must be 2 or higher, and "CR 9-" means its CR can't be higher than 9.
 Required Creature Type or Subtype:For templates that change a creature's type or subtype in the normal monster creation system, this entry shows which creature type or subtype the monster must be in order to apply the template graft.
 Suggested Array:This indicates the monster array the template is most closely associated with, if any. Liches, for example, are almost always spellcasters.
 Automatic Traits:All creatures with this graft gain these abilities. The automatic traits might tell you to add particular monster options or 技能. These count against the monster's normal number of options, 技能, and so forth, replacing them (unlike subtype grafts, which grant options and skills for free). However, even if the automatic traits would cause a monster to exceed its maximum number of options or skills, the monster still gains all of them. If the monster has a class graft, use your best judgment when replacing options to maintain the feeling of both the class and template.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:This section lists the recommended assignments for the monster's high ability scores, in order from highest to lowest. For instance, the graveknight lists "Strength, Charisma, Wisdom," meaning that when making a CR 10 graveknight, you would give it a +7 Strength modifier, a +5 Charisma modifier, and a +3 Wisdom modifier. Not all entries list modifiers for all abilities. A ghost, for example, lists only Charisma since the remaining statistics can vary, and a half-dragon doesn't have an entry at all as half-dragons are so varied.

ゴースト(脅威度2+) Ghost

 A soul unable to rest becomes a spectral undead creature.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Required Subtype:Incorporeal.
 Automatic Traits:飛行30フィート(完璧); Ability modifiers―set Strength modifier to ―, increase Charisma modifier by 2; options―エネルギー放出に対する抵抗, 腐敗の接触, 黄泉がえり (2d4 days); one of the following at CR 6 plus one for every 3 CR above 6: 回数無制限の魔法(テレキネシス), 腐敗の凝視, 能力値吸収の接触, 畏怖すべき存在, 憑霊; 技能――gain 〈知覚〉 and 〈隠密〉 as master skills.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Charisma.

グレイヴナイト(脅威度5+) Graveknight

 This undead creature is heavily armed and armored, and can be rejuvenated if destroyed.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Suggested Array:Combatant.
 Automatic Traits:ACが2、立ちすくみACが4上昇, 立ちすくみACが6減少; options―破壊の放出, エネルギー放出に対する抵抗, 圧倒の波 (as the ブレス攻撃 option in a 30-foot cone dealing [酸], [冷気], [電気], または[火]のダメージ), DR10/魔法, 完全耐性([冷気]および[電気]), 幻影の乗騎, 黄泉がえり (1d10 days), 生贄のオーラ, 呪文抵抗, アンデッド支配, one additional combat option; 技能――gain 〈威圧〉, 〈知覚〉, and 〈騎乗〉 as master skills.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Strength, Charisma.

ハーフセレスチャル種(脅威度1+) Half-Celestial

 This creature was born of a good outsider and a mortal, or created by a major infusion of holy energy.
 Required Creature Type:Outsider.
 Automatic Traits:+4 bonus on saving throws against poison; gain a fly speed equal to twice base speed (good maneuverability); options―DR 5/magic (increases to DR 10/magic at CR 12), energy resistance 10 (acid, cold, and electricity), immunity (disease), secondary magic (good), smite (evil); skill――gain one additional master skill.

ハーフドラゴン種(脅威度3+) Half-Dragon

 This creature is born of a dragon and some other form of creature. It exhibits traits of both its parents.
 Required Creature Type:Dragon.
 Automatic TraitsOptions―ブレス攻撃(使用回数1回/日), 完全耐性(睡眠, 麻痺, および[酸]、[冷気]、[電気]、または[火]のうち1つ); 技能――gain one additional master skill.

ハーフフィーンド種(脅威度1+) Half-Fiend

 This creature is heavily tainted with evil power, most likely demonic or infernal.
 Required Creature Type:Outsider.
 Automatic Traits:Gain a 飛行移動速度 equal to twice the base speed (good maneuverability); options―DR5/魔法(脅威度12ではDR10/魔法に上昇), エネルギー抵抗10([酸], [冷気], [電気], および[火]), 完全耐性(毒), secondary magic (悪), smite (善); 技能――gain one additional master skill.

立地(脅威度2+) Lich

 This spellcaster retained its magical powers after it died and rose again in undeath.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Suggested Array:Spellcaster.
 Automatic Traits:ACが2上昇; options―エネルギー放出に対する抵抗, DR 15/殴打および魔法, [恐怖]のオーラ, 完全耐性 ([冷気] and [電気]), 麻痺の接触, 黄泉がえり (1d10); 技能――gain 〈知覚〉, 〈真意看破〉, and 〈隠密〉 as master skills.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma should be highest ability modifier, depending on which of these the lich uses to cast its spells.

ライカンスロープ(脅威度1+) Lycanthrope

 This humanoid can turn into an animal or assume a hybrid form between its humanoid and animal natures.
 Required Creature Type:Humanoid.
 Required Subtype:Shapechanger.
 Automatic TraitsOptions―ライカンスロピーの呪い.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Constitution.

スケルトン(脅威度8-) Skeleton

 The animated bones of the dead attack as a skeleton――a mindless soldier in an army of the dead.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Suggested Array:Combatant.
 Automatic Traits:Ability modifiers――set Intelligence modifier to ―; options―DR 5/bludgeoning, 完全耐性 ([冷気]), 《イニシアチブ強化》。
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Strength, Dexterity.

ヴァンパイア(脅威度5+) Vampire

 This charismatic undead monster feasts on blood and has impressive supernatural powers.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Suggested Array:Any――a vampire could fill any role and be built using any array. It is capable in combat even if it's an expert or spellcaster.
 Automatic Traits:ACが2、立ちすくみACが2上昇, スパイダー・クライム(constant), ヴァンパイアの弱点; options―at-will 魔法 (支配 person), 吸血, 変身 (dire bat or wolf, as beast shape II), エネルギー放出に対する抵抗, 夜の子供たち, 同族作り, DR10/魔法および銀, 生命力吸収, エネルギー抵抗 10 ([冷気] and [電気]), 高速治癒 5, ガス化形態; 技能――gain 〈はったり〉, 〈知覚〉, 〈真意看破〉, and 〈隠密〉 as master skills.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Strength, Dexterity, Charisma.

ゾンビ(脅威度9-) Zombie

 A reanimated corpse can become a sluggish and unthinking zombie.
 Required Creature Type:Undead.
 Suggested Array:Combatant.
 Automatic Traits:Staggered (can perform only a single move action or standard action each round); ability modifiers―set Intelligence modifier to ―; options―DR 5/slashing, extra hit points; skills――no master or good skills.
 Suggested Ability Modifiers:Strength.