Dr.Bradley Willcox,a fellow in geriatric medicine at
Harvard Medical School and co-investigator of the study,
said:"Ninety-seven per cent of their life expectancy is disability-free.
While you do see ill centenarians,their
illness has generally occurred a few months before they die.
The study showed that while genetics had a part to play in Okinawans'longevity, most of the "successful aging" was,in fact, due to lifestyle.
Okinawans who grow up in other countries and lead different lifestyles tend to die younger.
Elderly Okinawans were found to have "young,clean"arteries, and low cholesterol when compared to West-erners.
This Helps reduce their risk of coronary heart disease by up to 80 per cent and keeps stroke levels low.
The scientists concluded that their healthy arteries were largely due to their lifestyle:diet,regular exercise,moderate alcohol drinking, avoidance of smoking,blood pressure control,and a stress-minimizing psycho-spiritual outlook.
科学者は、彼らの健康な動脈が主にそれらのライフスタイルのためであると結論を下しました: 食事、定期的な運動、適度の飲酒、喫煙、血圧コントロールの回避、および圧力を最小にする精神病者霊的な見通し。
They were also found to be at an extremely low risk of hormone-dependent cancers . They suffer less than a quarter of the level of breast and prostate Cancer as Westerners , and half the rate of colon cancer.
This is believed to be mostly due to the low - calorie diet that is high in fruit and vegetables . Their low body fat , and high levels of physical activity help them keep healthy throughout their entire lives
Okinawans also manage to stay lean in old age by avoiding highly processed foods, and their cultural habit , "hara hachi bu " ( stopping eating when the stomach 15 80 Per cent full ) . They also keep physically active" the natural way " through dancing , light martial arts , walking ,and gardening .
Also older Okinawans generally appear to enjoy good tnental health."They're a Very happy,carefree people,said Dr.Willcox.
Elderly female Okinawans have the lowest suicide rate in East Asia , which 15 an area notorious for suicide among eldel'ly women.The study discovered links between their traditional spiritual beliefs and their sense of life satisfac-tion. Women are the religious leaders of society,and the eldest female in the family is responsible for keeping a spritual connection with ancestors.This encourages a feeling of usefulness and self-worth.
年配の女性のOkinawansには、東アジアで最も低い自殺率があります。発見されたeldel'ly women.The研究の中の自殺に、悪名高い領域は彼らの伝統的な霊的な信念と彼らの人生満足の感覚の間でその15をリンクします。 家族の一番年上の女性、女性は社会の宗教指導者であり、ancestors.This督励とのspritual関係のために有用性感を保つのに責任があって自己価値があります。
Okinawans also have
a strong social network , with large extended families large extended families --1,000 people routinely
attend weddings or funerals . They often take part in "Moai" -- support groups where mutual problems can be worked out.